Well Mind Workshops

Short workshops for help with Stress and Anxiety

The unhelpful consequences of stress are even more being accepted as part of modern living. 

At the same time research findings into the effective ways of coping and thriving with stress are becoming established scientific facts.

These online workshops,  run by myself and mental health colleague Simon Bradbury, give a good initial understanding of some basic techniques we can all use to great effect.

Learn how to minimise the negative effects of stress when it occurs and prevent the possible serious health consequences if left unchecked over time.

Part learning, part doing, we aim to help those starting their journey in taking more control of their own mental and physical health and to get some balance back. 

Many people struggle with everyday stress and low level anxiety -  if you are one of them then do join us for one of our workshops on how to manage & improve your daily life.

Everybody has worries, from our jobs, children and health to phobias, world politics and the environment but if you feel these are taking over your thoughts in unhelpful ways there are simple techniques we can use to rebalance our lives.

We will be offering more workshops in the future on specific areas of life which are affected by stress, such as sleep issues and problem solving. We'd love to hear from you if you have suggestions. 

Visit our website for more details on what we cover and the dates of our upcoming workshops 


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