Teenagers & 
Young People

Does it sometimes feel like you are on a long, empty path with no support you can reach?

Do you feel flat and listless? 

Anxiety & stress, school refusal, loneliness, friendship issues, social media, exam stress, separation anxiety, coping with change?

These are just some of the problems our young people face today. They may be similar to those their parents faced but there is now the added pressure of social media, not to mention the 18 months of disruption to schooling,  socialising and family time caused by the pandemic.

Teenagers and children have a remarkable ability to help themselves; they are like sponges soaking up new experiences and open minded enough to try (almost!) anything. 

Often they cannot find the words to express what is wrong but using a combination of play, storytelling, arts & crafts and lots and lots of listening we can pinpoint areas to work on together, tailoring the treatment plan just for them.

I work face to face with children in order to interact as much as possible. A parent or caregiver will be present for those under 16 and I have a current and enhanced DBS check.

Children are our future, let's give them the tools for resilience and problem solving 

Circle of Control

Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed. We struggle to find anything which is under our control. 

This can lead to frustration, anger or shutting down.

The area of the circle which we cannot control seems huge and we find it difficult to navigate everyday life.

For young people this is even more of a problem. After all, they are constantly being told what to do by parents, teachers, social media, friends. It seems everybody but them has a say in their lives.

Problem solving your Circle of Control

Think outside the box (or technically, the circle!)

You may not be able to control the rain just as you're walking to school / college / work but you can take control of your actions - you can wear a raincoat or take an umbrella.

By problem solving those things which you feel you cannot control, learning calming and coping strategies and applying them to your everyday life, your inner Circle of Control becomes larger, events become more manageable.

Together we can find the ways and means which work for you. YOU can control YOUR words and YOUR actions.

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